Invite email provides incorrect instructions for those with existing my.scouting accounts

We had a dad become an assistant scoutmaster. In the process, he had an account with “Robert” connected to his daughter and a new account “Rob” that he applied with (2 different emails, yes, a problem of our own creating). So, at that point we had a Rob as an ASM that “needed to connect”. So, to make the registration and YPT easier, we plan to keep Rob and have Robert deleted. I sent the “invite” email to Rob. He was like “good, this is the one we will keep”. So, he logged in, per the invite email with his email and new temporary password. But, that didn’t work since it is SSO. He tried a few times and I send the invite again until I remembered this was still a bug. Help!

What are the instructions, and what should they be?

Well, here is the email. If you already have an account THEY SHOULD NOT SAY to login with your email and use their temp password. It should say “use your login and password you used on my.scouting”. It is not just that these instructions are bad, they DON’T WORK.

Now I knew that and put in my little welcome message to use the my.scouting login, but Rob went ahead and used the much clearer Login: his email and Password: the temp password. These do not work.

Please fix! :slight_smile:

This was an issue about 1.5 years ago, I pointed it out then, but it was not acted on. Everyone who is in this situation will get these wrong instructions.

Let me know if you need more details because this needs fixing.

To be clear the action you took that led to that email was clicking the add leader button, then searching for and selecting someone who you knew has SSO/my.scouting?

No. They registered and were approved online. When that happens, the info (once approved) auto flows into Scoutbook. They then showed up with the red “Pending” box next to their name to show you they haven’t connected yet.

I then went in and clicked the little invite button. It then allows you to add a personal note.

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