Invite emails not being sent to merit badge counselor; how to delete a merit badge

Our troop is having troubles with the assignment of merit badge counselors to scouts. Sometimes the merit badge counselor gets the invitation email, but more often than not they don’t. The Invite/Lookup Counselor link doesn’t appear to work, but I can add them using the Connections link. Any insights into why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t? Also, in testing the process, we added a few merit badges to scouts that we now need to delete. How do we do that? Thanks, Tanya


The Invite/Lookup button is a function of the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. All it is doing is under the covers running the MB Counselor Search then allowing you to make the connection by clicking the Invite button. The non-extension way of doing this is to do the MB Cousnelor Search, write down the information then go to the Scout’s Connections page, click +Add and make the connection between the Scout and MBC.

I cannot comment on why it is not working without more details. Are you not getting the search screen? Is the Scout not connected to the MBC?

To delete a MB, click on Percent Complete then Remove Badge.

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Thanks for the info on how to delete. On the Invite/Lookup button, does the scout already need to have the counselor in their connections for this button to work? When I click it and select the counselor and click invite, it just bounces me back to the scout’s dashboard if the counselor was not already a connection. when i go into connections and add the counselor that way and click invite, i am able to add them as the counselor for the merit badge, but the counselor says he’s not getting an email invitation to be the counselor.

The developer of the extension is aware of the issue and is trying to find a solution.

ok. the same counselor did receive an invitation to be a counselor from a different leader, so it seems to work sporadically.

There was a change in how Scoutbook processes invitations and that broke how the extension did the Lookup/Invite - it is currently unable to connect/invite at all.

Emails not being sent are a separate issue. Are you aware of emails not being sent when using the regular connections page to set up connections?

Correct. Email is not being sent when I use either way, but I am able to successfully add the counselor to the scout for the merit badge. I then email the counselor directly to let them know. Another leader did the same thing (through Connections) to the same merit badge counselor this morning and he did get an email invitation from her. Just seems sporadic though consistent that none of my email invitations are being sent.


Was the MBC already connected to the Scout for another MB or as a leader when you made a connection but not to the Scout the other leader connected the MBC to? It is possible the invite e-mail is only sent when the MBC and Scout are not already connected.

I’m pretty sure in all cases the MBC was not already connected to the scout so we were adding them via Connections.

Could it be that the email only gets sent when the MBC is in a different troop from the scout? The case where the email got sent, the scout was in our girls troop and the MBC is a leader in our boys troop, which are technically 2 different troops. Or, does it matter if the person assigning the MBC is in the same troop as that MBC? I’m guessing there’s some rule here that determines when an invitation email is sent and when it is not. At least it would be nice if there was some explanation other than randomness. :slight_smile:


MBCs are not registered with a troop, depending upon the council, they are registered either with the district or council.

Check to see if the MBC is connected to the Scout in the boy’s troop as an adult leader. This would prevent the e-mail from being sent because there is already a connection between the MBC and the Scout. Even a parent of another Scout connected to a Scout with View Profile only will have the Adult Leader checkbox checked. This is because there are only 4 connection types, Parent/Guardian, Other Family Member, Adult Leader and MBC. One must be checked so Adult Leader is used if the others do not apply.

The MBC we’ve been using is also a Leader in our boys’ troop. The MBC was not previously a connection of the scout in question. When I added him in Connections as MBC and clicked Invite, no email was sent. I’ve tested another case and it appears that my theory was correct: an email invitation does not get sent if the scout and the MBC are in the same troop, whether or not they are previously connected.

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