Scout doesn't get emails

12470903 is not getting emails. He has an email address in his profile and I don’t see preference that he has selected to be excluded.

He doesn’t even show up on our list when you click “Send Message”.

@ReidHollander - never been invited to login

Ah, OK. Is that something I need to do or something his parent has to do?

@ReidHollander - the parent would have to

@ReidHollander The Scout has to log in to Scoutbook at least once.

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Thanks, I sent that along.

Thanks, I will let them know.

I have parents unable to invite their acout to scoutbook. The option isnt there from under the scouts profile.

@Eric.brown04 post the Scout BSA #

  1. This is one but we have about 30 scouts that have the same issue.

@Eric.brown04 what kind of number is that?

Sorry it didn’t post right. 131025819

@Eric.brown04 the scout has never logged in - there has to be one log in to receive emails

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The parents are unable to invite them to create an account. That is the issue.

The Scout has a ID which he needs to use to login to Scoutbook. The ID is his FirstnameLastname.

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If they have already invited him, they won’t see the button to do it, but messages can’t be sent until he logs in one time.

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12470903 is still not receiving emails. Can you help confirm that he has been invited by his parent? If so I will move onto step 2 and make sure he has done a login.

@ReidHollander The Scout has an e-mail in Scoutbook, but has not been invited by parent and has never logged in. Because the e-mail exists in Scoutbook, the parent probably won’t see the button to invite the Scout to connect.

Instead, what they can do is create an account at my.scouting for the Scout, but they need to connect to the Scout’s already existing BSA member ID number.

And make sure that they use the same full name as already appears on their Scoutbook record (not what’s in the nickname field), as that is part of what the system uses to match accounts.

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Thanks Jennifer, we will try it.