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Invite to parent does not include clickable link

Similar to what folks have posted in the past, i have a new parent to whom the den leader and i have re-issued the Scoutbook invite. The email they receive does not have a link.

they may have then created an account in Scoutbook. I have searched for that name and for that e-mail with no success.

We are both fairly frustrated. appreciate any help.


Did you send the invite after 10:00 PM Central on Wednesday, February 10? The missing link was fixed at that time.

Yes, I sent it twice on Friday, 2/12. The Den leader may have sent it before it was fixed, but I’m not sure.

Emily Grun

Did the new parent register the scout online? If so, the parent can login using their my.scouting username.

Prior to Feb 12, I was aware of the link missing for people who received an invite but had a my.scouting account. I assumed that was fixed but maybe not for that case…

No, the parent did not register on-line. I sent the paperwork in.

Emily Grun


I sent you a private message so we can collect more information to investigate. Click on the green circle with white E in the upper right corner of your forum window.

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