Parents losing events calendar

I’ve narrowed down the problem to this. Every time I get a new scout/parent and add them to the events calendar with the extension, certain people lose all the events on the calendar. They are still there, because I can see them, but certain people cannot - they just disappear. I’ve tried re-adding EVERYONE to the events when I get a new scout, but that doesn’t seem to have solved the problem.

I’m not understanding the issue. Is it that invitees disappear from events? Are they listed on your roster with a green shield by their name?

@jacobfetzer - she mentioned the extension but i am not understanding rhe issue either

All the extension does is the same thing you can do manually - editing an event and adding a person. Any person who is not on the current Roster is automatically dropped when an event is edited.

When you say “certain people lose all the events on the calendar” - what do you mean? That thise people no longer see the calendar events? Do you still see them as invitees to the event?

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@GaryFeutz - i am right with you and think it is a picnic issue

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