Is it possible to merge my two accounts?

Hello. I’m seeing other users have had similar issues, but it seems the only way to have them resolved is to post something here, so that’s what I’ll try.

My case seems to be a little unique, however, as one of my accounts lets me access my son’s account in Scouts (as a parent) and the other lets me access my den (as a leader). Will I need to keep switching between these two accounts or is there a way that I can have them “merged” into one account?

135707964 is the ID number associated with my role as a Den Leader for Pack 3175 (Michigan Crossroads 780)
135708073 is the ID number associated with my role as a Parent of a Scout in Troop 175.

I would like to be able to act in both roles with only one membership ID–is this possible?


@PeterPollet I Will help get this cleaned up - you need to ask Council to add the Parent connection to Luke to 135707964 in AKELA

@PeterPollet this is cleaned up on Scoutbook - Log into my.scouting - click Menu - go to My Applications - you can see what kids you are parents of and who is missing - council can add the missing ones

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