Issue accessing account

Hi there,

I am having issues accessing myScoutbook account. The only thing I see when logging into Scoutbook is My Dashboard - My account. No Troop, neither of my two children nor the Merit Badge menu on my account.

I first observed the issue on Sunday night. Toggling between setting either membership number as primary and relogging on multiple devices doesn’t correct the issue.

Is this something you can look into or should I contact both Councils? Primary BSA Member ID is
14157696, Sam Houston Area Council 576 and Secondary BSA Member ID is 136150938, Bay Area Council 574.

Thanks in advance.

I’m having the same issue - Dashboard just shows My Account. It’s been like this for 3 or 4 days now both when I use my mobile or my laptop. Please help!!

@CharlesDuBois this will always be an issue if you are in 2 councils - positions like MBC are a universal position and only need to be in one council

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@JenniferMuzzio I think this is fixed - are you in 2 councils or did you just move this year?

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Things changed last Sunday. Prior to that so could manage my positions in each Council by changing the BSA ID at That’s no longer the case.

In Scoutbook, when I log in with the SHAC ID it is now completely blank at My Dashboard. Prior to last Sunday I could access my position in that Council there. Now both positions (one BAC, one SHAC) now are under the BAC ID number and login.

At, I no longer have access to the BAC profile. It says I don’t have permission to access the specified resource when I swap BSA IDs. I have access to the SHAC profile though.

My name also changed. It lists my full first name and last name now, rather than my initials and last name which was the case prior.

Yes, mine is fixed, thank you! I was originally New Birth of Freedom, then transferred to Mason Dixon, and we just merged into Shenandoah Area Council.

I noticed several other posts in the forum with the same issue I have.

@CharlesDuBois did you have 2 different user names?

Send a screenshot of the error when changing Primary

I merged your SB Users to one - under the SHAC number

Thanks for looking into this.

I have one user name.

It looks like the change just reversed the problem between the accounts. Some account data is now missing such as my OA membership info.

Minor comment - I also see that the SHAC position still has the BAC council logo under it. Prior to last week, the logos would change depending on what BSA # I had active at the logon.

I am having an issue logging into the Forums. I am currently logged in on my wife’s login (on the same device and browser) to send this message, as every time that I try to log in, I get the error message:

The change you wanted was rejected.

Maybe you tried to change something you didn’t have access to.

The error message populates regardless of the route I take to get to the Forums and log in, whether by direct url, through a search engine or via the “Forums” link in Scoutbook. I am able to log in on other scouting sites (e.g., Scoutbook,, just not the Forums.

My member ID is 13052651.