Scout on roster in myscouting but not in scoutbook

We have a scout in our troop 715 that fell out of scoutbook at the beginning of the year. BSA #14812986.
She is a scout in our troop in Bay Area Council and a Sea scout in another council Sam Houston Area Council. Evidently she shows up in SHAC’s system, but not ours. Our council recreated her whole Scoutbook account in our troop in January. Then a week or so she fell back out of Scoutbook again. Council told me to use the add a scout. I tried that, but it just adds a scout with her name, but not her data and it doesn’t match her BSA number. She is clearly showing on our official roster in myscouting, but she doesn’t sync with Scoutbook. What do we need to do to fix this?

Well it looks like the mother ended the membership for your unit in SB - the Scout is registered in SHAC and BAC which is problematic cause 2 BSA #s - can be fixed just making sure since mother ended the memberships

I talked with mom, and I think mom was trying to change mother’s email. She is definitely supposed to still be in our troop 715 and a crew in BAC. Then a ship in SHAC.

Well a scout cannot be in 2 councils with one BSA # - he can have 2 SB Users that are seperate - or they need to choose one council and use that BSA # - and the units work together to advance the scout

This is a case where the Scout needs to have 2 Scoutbook accounts (userIDs) - one for each council.

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