Issue connecting adults to scouts

I have a sibling that is joining as a Lion and would like to connect him with his parent’s account. I tried to search for the parent in the “Search for Existing Scoutbook User” interface and her record is not coming up. I tried her full name and email, and know with 100% confidence that she is linked to another scout in Scoutbook. I get an error from the search that “No record is found”. The scout added has not yet had his registration get fully processed, and that’s the only fishy thing I can think MIGHT cause the issue? but it shouldn’t if that’s the case.

New Youth’s SB ID is 12643300
Existing Youth’s SB ID with linked Parent is 12151970

Can you please let me know why this isn’t working?


The short answer is because there is a bug with searching for adult connections.

If you go to the Scout’s Connections page in Scoutbook, you should be able to find the parent’s name there. Click on the parent’s name, and you can add the “parent / guardian” connection type.

If allowed by your council, I would recommend using the online application process, which usually works very quickly (within 24-48 hours).

Regardless of paper or online application, the parent should be connected automatically after the Scout is registered.

Just a though, do we need a yellow “caution” box that says that searching for adults to make connections and updating / adding photos are broken? Those seem to be the two biggest items that are core, but not working.

That would be helpful. Or someone fixes it :wink:

@JenniferOlinger Thanks for that info, but I was trying to go through that scout’s connecitons as you recommended. I will see how it shakes out once his registration goes through.

And I agree - we are moving towards online applications for our new scouts since it dramatically simplifies a lot of the electronic setup!

Thank you

@MichaelCasella I have added a connection between the adult and the Scout.

However, you need to add the parent / guardian connection type by going through the Scout’s Connections page.


I am having the same issue as Michael except that the siblings I am trying to connect with existing parents are all fully processed through the online application.

What I am trying to do is add a second parent as a connection but the parent already has a SB ID. The reason I want to add the second parent is that I do all of my den communication through Scoutbook.

Do you have a timeline for when the bug with searching for adult connections will be fixed and are there any work arounds?


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Is the “second” parent already connected to anyone in your unit? If so, you can try this work-around: Two Cubs and linking two parents accounts - #2 by CharleyHamilton

@BrianPrivett Parents who did the online registration for their Scout(s) should automatically be connected in Scoutbook. If they are not, please post their BSA member number and we can take a look.

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