Issue with NEW Transfer

Hello, I have a new AOL Crossover Scout listed on Scoutbook that is giving me the message " You have 1 unapproved Scout in this patrol. Be sure each Scout has the green checkmark (approved) icon next to their name. While a Scout is unapproved you will not be able to add parents or modify scout connections since scout is not part of the subscription."

If i try to transfer him in using organization manager I get “Transfer/Multiple transaction failed. HTTP POST on resource ‘’ failed: bad request (400).”

In Scoutbook, I can see
Not approved
Edit Membership to approve

SB User ID: 11802507
BSA Member ID: 13696772

I strongly suspect a parent has added multiple accounts for this Scout

@PatrickMaguire the scout is still registered in the Pack.

MYST Transfer in tool Unit.pdf (94.8 KB)

I assume you are trying to do this? The Scout has no parents in AKELA (membership database) - that can cause issues - councils can add the parent to AKELA

Donovan, thank you.
When I look in Scoutbook, I see he has a parent listed, I am assuming AKELA is an underlying DB that only council has keys to?
The Account worked fine when he was a cub scout as the parent had access to his account on Scoutbook

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Scoutbook and AKELA are different

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