Problem with new crossovers getting into Scoutbook and my.scouting roster

We had 6 AOL scouts bridge from our pack to our troop in June. All 6 scouts initially transferred in Scoutbook successfully. 4 of the scouts transferred successfully using, but the other two had error messages. Those two have now also disappeared from Scoutbook. One scout’s error in says “Member Not Found”, the other says “Person has no valid parent/guardian relationship in our records…” Both of those error messages are not correct, as both scouts’ parents were listed when cub scouts. Our district staff has not been able to help us solve this problem. Can anyone help with this?

Dan Wyszomierski
Troop 646

that is a council issue - or just fill out new applications

For parent not found, your council registrar likely needs to add a parent relationship in scoutnet (not scoutbook).

I thought the transfer functionality was in my applications in, not in beascout?

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@jacobfetzer that is correct, but you can also go to BeAScout and click the Apply Now button for a unit and it will begin the transfer or multiple registration process. This is currently the only way to transfer between councils. You cannot transfer to a unit in another council using the My Application feature in my.scouting.


You are correct, it was through I think I confused the from another email chain.

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