Unable to transfer Scouts in my.Scouting

I am the Committee Chair for Pack 525 and I have 2 Scouts that I am unable to transfer. I have recently transferred several other Scouts successfully. Both Scouts are in Pack 1040 and I am trying to transfer them to Pack 0525. I get the following error message for both:

That sounds like the “missing parent in membership database” issue, where the scouts don’t show a parent as connected in the membership database (whatever it’s called these days).

This is not (necessarily) related to whether or not a scout has a parent showing as connected in Scoutbook. In principle, new scouts are supposed to automatically get a parent connected in the membership database, which subsequently pushes that connection to Scoutbook and (I think) automatically creates Scoutbook accounts for both the scout and the parent (or tries to link with existing ones, if there’s enough information to do so).

In the past, however, there wasn’t that linkage among the various databases, and parent-to-scout connections in Scoutbook were manual (and independent of the existence of such a linkage in the membership database).

ETA: Is this an in-council transfer, or inter-council transfer? The processes there are different.

This is an in-council transfer.

If you log in at my.scouting, go to the pack Roster there, and select the Scout(s). Then click on:

Print → Unit Advancement Details Report

Do you see a parent listed in the “Affiliations” section?

They aren’t in my roster as I haven’t transferred them yet.

So yours is the gaining unit?

Do you have the BSA member numbers of the Scouts you are trying to transfer?

Yes, that is correct! Their numbers are 13890011 and 13854871. They are both active members of SHAC Pack 1040 and I’m trying to transfer them into SHAC Pack 0525.