Issue with rosters

How come my 2021 roster is mixing with my current roster when my 2021 Charter doesn’t take effect until Jan 1, and doesn’t show the new members or position changes on my scouting?

@RayHasty - has your unit posted its recharter with council ? I know for me the new member additions did show up in scoutbok via akelasync. The full changes will post to MYST once Council processes it. You can click into positions on adults and membership on youth to determine where they came from but most likely the akelasync process is it.

Yes. Both the Pack and Troop were posted this last week. We had a new COR added, an adult transfer from the Pack to the Troop, plus multiple position changes in both. The note on the new COR and the transfer both say AkelaSBDeltaSyncInsert. All the position changes are showing and now so I have 2 CORs in both units, 2 CM in the Pack and 2 CC in the Troop. I guess that’ll fix itself when it finalized but I just don’t recall seeing anyone added or changed to SB before it shows in My Scouting.

There is a known issue with Member Update pushing roster updates that are dated 2021. We are working with the developers to get it resolved.

This also happened in late 2019 with the 2020 recharter, so it may not be new code.

I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes! I am both Scoutmaster and Committee Chair! My ASM/SM is now both ASM and SM. Nice that this is more automatic than last year, but the merging of the two is crazy! :slight_smile:

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