Issues adding Den leaders in Scoutbook

I am unable to add the following 2 den leaders in SB.
14050046 and email (removed by Moderator)
14191884 and email (removed by Moderator)

They are both active with good emails. Getting the following error “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.”

Thank you.

@ShanonWylie - have they filled out adult applications with criminal background check

@ShanonWylie - my next question… are they on the roster at ?

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Both are listed in Scoutbook as Den Leaders in Pack 60, Longhorn Council but without a den. To assign them to a Den, click on their name on the Pack Roster, go to their position page and click +Add to add an Den Leader with assigned den. After you do this, edit den leader position without an assigned den and add an end date.


Hi, I was adding them as DL incorrectly. They have been on my roster for 2-3 years now with correct paperwork. They are on I figured out via adding them through the Roster and add Leader instead of the other way I was trying. Thank you for all the suggestions. smiley:

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