Issues entering in advancement

I am having issues entering in advancements although I am showing to be a key member for my pack and have all permissions as I am the admin as well. When I go to quick entry it is saying " You do not have edit advancement permissions for any Scouts .
Go into the Connections in each Scout and make sure you have Full Control or Edit Advancment permissions and make sure the Scout is approved (green checkmark visible).
" Although I do have the permissions and the scouts are all checked on the roster page. What could be the issue?

Please detail how you got to quick entry. There are a couple different quick entries.

By clicking on quick entry on my dashboard page on scoutbook


This would be the snipit of where Im getting that

When you say “key member”, do you mean you’re one of the unit Key 3 (CM,CC,COR) or a Key 3 Delegate? In those cases, Unit Admin permissions are duplicative, and might be confusing the system.

Also, I’ve had my Unit Admin position look fine from the front end, but be broken behind the scenes. You can reset your Unit Admin role by going to Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → Unit Roster → Your Name

Then, select your Unit Admin role and resave it.

The reset is path-dependent, so you can’t just go via My Dashboard → Administration → My Positions to get there.

Is it for all scouts or just some? What is a scout’s BSA #?

I am the Cubmaster I have just reset it and it is now working


Thank you for you help!

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