Issues getting scout connected

I have a scout who moved from cub scouts to boy scouts and we’ve been unable to get her connected to scoutbook. Parent doesn’t see the option to invite the scout in the parent’s account in scoutbook. We checked send messages to see if the scout was already connected but she doesn’t show up there. We had several issues getting the parent connected originally. I’m not sure if we’re missing something or if there is still some issue from moving scout from cubs but would appreciate any help. Thanks!

@EileenWang what is the BSA # of the scout

ID# 14703546.

@EileenWang scout has a user name of FirstNameShortenedLastName - they can go to and use the forgot password or forgot username.

Thanks for the help Donovan!
The parent was able to use forgot password to get a reset link. But now she is having issues with her security questions. She says that when she enters her answers, it says it doesn’t match. Is there someone she can contact to help her get the password reset?

They can go to and before logging in click the Blue Circle at bottom Right - tell the robot Forgot Password - that can get past questions

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