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Good day,
I have a parent of two scouts and they cannot connect via scoutbook.

Parent Member ID

SB User ID:

BSA Member ID:

Scout 2
SB User ID:

BSA Member ID:

Hi Craig,

I’ve gone back several times to log in with this link and information and it doesn’t work. So, I went to recover my password and try again, and it didn’t send me a recovery email. So, I did the username recovery with our email XXXXX ) and it said there was no account with that email.

@CraigStachewicz This parent has a my.scouting user name.

Is the parent using the chatbot (“Betty”) at to try and reset the password?

Her response:

I just tried. It asks for member ID, which I have, then asks for last name and birth date. I’ve tried my own birth date and Her SCOUTS Name (trying w his member ID) and it says “we were unable to find your user given the information you provided.” Is there a corporate office number I can call perhaps? I’ll keep trying other combinations too.

@CraigStachewicz I will send you a private message.

I have a parent who can not reset their password. She has been trying for a while now and it never comes through. What information do I need to provide to get assistance?


Have they tried the “Betty” chatbot (small thought bubble bottom right corner) at my.scouting? It will ask security questions, but the person can say they don’t remember and bypass with additional information.

Alternatively, if the chatbot won’t work, council can reset passwords using the VST tools.

Good day
We had her call someone that fixed it

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