Parents not showing Scout in

I had a parent (who is also our Assistant Den Leader) contact me today because her AOL Scout is not showing as connected to her in Thinking this strange, I went to show her the steps (by using my own account) to see her Scout. Imagine my surprise to find that I also did not show any Scouts connected to me. For background, both she (and her husband) and I have been around since our Scouts were Tigers. We all have BSA IDs and are connected correctly in Scoutbook (showing as the parent/guardian AND Adult leader). I have not checked the rest of my (17) AOLs but my guess is that this is a similar problem. Thoughts?

It’s a timely issue as we are hoping to transfer a few of our AOLs with “dual enrollment” as they have achieved their AOL but not yet crossed over and their new chosen Troop has activities they would like to participate in.

Thanks in advance for any insight!

@KarenRodman Only Council can fix this - it is very common

OK - Thank you!! Not surprising (hahaha…I like my council, but registration is always a crazy time…). Um, so I contact the registrar and advise them of the issue and they should be able to connect the Scouts to their appropriate Scouts? Will I need BSA Ids? I don’t have that for all my parents - so I just want to be prepared.

BSA IDs will speed it up - they need to set the “Relationship” in “AKELA”

Your son’s parent is listed in Akela as someone with the initials BH

I cant access my other kid’s account. BSA # 127941409. my email address : (removed by Moderator)

@NormaTamayo that is fixed