Tips for Transfers with Multiple IDs?

We have successfully been using my.scouting for online applications for over a year. New scouts work great! However, I am in a military town and have found that rarely will a transfer from another council easily go through in my.scouting.

This is usually because adults and kids have multiple BSA IDs and aren’t linked to each other or primary ID is not set or both. My council’s solution is to do a paper app, which does get them locally registered, but has never resolved the multiple ID and old record import issue. When the paper app finally goes through I am usually back on this board trying to get everything sorted.

Is there a guide (or can someone spell out for me) of everything to check for before the parent tries to transfer, and after the parent tries and fails? Particularly as it relates to either the parent or new unit leader taking an action.

The main thing is making sure first, middle, last name, and DOB match exactly between the new app and the scoutbook account.

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And if something is wrong, try to fix it before you leave the “old” council.