Issues transferring parent and Scout to new Troop (Colorado to Germany)

My apologies for the lengthy post but I wanted to capture as many relevant details as possible. I appreciate your time and consideration.

In short: My family moved from Colorado to Stuttgart in June 2022. I have transferred my (adult) account to TAC. I cannot transfer my son’s current account to Troop 44 because the system cannot find an associated adult, even though I already transferred into T44. It appears our accounts are delinked.

Details follow:

I received an invitation to/transfer from Pathway to the Rockies to TAC council with resulting Member ID 14257188 and appear to be successfully registered. In my notebook I found an ID associated with my name of 12797455. I understand that one’s member ID is updated after transfer, and I’ve confirmed using the “manage member ID” page that *7188 is set to primary. *7455 appears to remain in the system.

My son is transferring from Troop 1 Colorado Springs (Pathway to the Rockies Council) into Panzer Troop 44 (TAC). Local executive queried the database and found two member IDs for my son, one of which was created years ago in Pack 156 at Ramstein and second one is in Colorado Springs, although the “created” date falls AFTER we left Colorado for Stuttgart(?). I had my son log in to Scoutbook and we found that his account has a third member ID:

  1. ID 14256960 was created 10/2016. (Pack 156 Ramstein)
  2. ID 133602549 was created 06/2022. (shows Colorado Springs, unknown why the creation date follows our time there).
  3. ID 134758905 is what appears on his current Scoutbook profile (account with which Troop 1 in Colorado Springs has maintained his progress over the last several years).

I attempted to transfer my son’s account to TAC with user ID 134758905 using the “BeAScout” website but received the following error message: “Failed to Transfer (name) member ID: 134758905. Person has no valid parent/guardian relationship in our records. Please contact your local council registrar to update person’s information.”

If there’s a solution/step I can make to fix this, please advise. If not, can you assist with linking my son’s *8905 account with my *7188 account and transferred to TAC?

@DavidKaley talk to old council so they can add you as a parent in AKELA - it would be under your old MID, so you will have to play to Manage MID Primary game when using BeAScout

Mr. McNeil, thanks for responding but I’m not sure I understand the guidance. Am I trying to get my old MID linked to son’s? Does that affect my new Transtatlantic Council MID?

And a follow up question; does having our old Troop establish an “end date” matter? Is it required?

Well your old council is connected to your Scouts MID and your OLD MID - not your new TAC one. So the only way online you can transfer Scout and avoid the $25 charge is to be the parent in AKELA of the Scout and only council can do that, but it has to be both MIDs from the same council. So once it is done by council you can go to > Menu > Manage Member ID and change to old council. Log out. Then do the BeAScout and it should work.

This is the one you’ll need to use. The issue is that one does not have a parent relationship on it. You’re old council will need to add it since it’s one of their MIDs, and they will have to add you old MID as the parent. You’ll have to use manage member ID in to set your old one as primarily in order to submit the application. Basically, you have to be the old you in order for it to work properly. When it’s all done, you can set your primary back to TAC.

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Also, I merged two of his scoutbook accounts

Thanks gentlemen, I’ll see if I can find a registrar POC in Colorado to assist. I do appreciate the feedback.

Pathways Council made (unspecified) corrections and I was able to submit the transfer request last night using my old (Colorado) MID. As of this morning, he’s still not showing up in her local/new Troop. The system alerts you that the transfer was submitted but not to “what’s next”. Is there an action required by the local Troop or Council, or a certain amount of time for the transfer to be effective?

Depending on how troop has it set up - they may need to accept the application - there are issues around that system right now

Sounds like they need to go to application manager to accept the application. That function should be working.

This is one quirky system. The Committee Chair accepted the application; is there a normal lag time to see him posted in the Troop? Under “my applications” I see my old applications, and one incorrect one for my son that I cancelled a week ago, but the one the committee chair just accepted is gone, no record. No record under my profile, no record under his, although I’ve seen a screenshot that the application was accepted (from the committee chair’s computer). And my son doesn’t yet appear in the Troop roster (thus the lag time question).

@DavidKaley Did the application just get accepted today? There is a lag time. It can sometimes take 24-48 hours. If it takes longer than 48 hours, then it should be looked at.

The Committee Chair should be able to see it at my.scouting in the Application Manager. He will likely need to click on the “Completed” button. Another way he can see it is by clicking on the filter (funnel icon) and checking the “Closed” and “Completed” boxes.

thank you Jennifer, I’ll pass that along to the CC

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