Scout not appearing in parent account for transfer

I want to transfer scout #134049492 from TAC to the National Capital Region however I am having a hard time. The scout appears in parent account but not in account. He is not linked with the parent in which is where I am trying to execute the transfer. The parent BSA number is12630936. Can anyone help with this or help transfer the scout to the new troop?

I think that you may need the “original” council (TAC) to make this connection in my.scouting using their tools (VST?). Not sure there’s another way to get that resolved.

The council for the MID the user is logging in under needs to add the scout - they probably need to be in the same council


A parent with a different name and member number 134049494 is listed as the parent in the membership system for that scout. They can create a my.scouting username for that member number to complete the transfer. Or, as was suggested, as TAC to add the parent relationship for the first parent.