Transferring scouts to new District and Troop/Pack

I am military moving from South Korea to Germany and can’t transfer my scouts into the new district and new Troop and Pack can’t move scouts
*1) Hardware: Desktop or Mobile - tried both no lock
2) Operating system Safari and Windows
3) Browser Tried chrome, edge, internet explorer
*4) Browser cache has been cleared or you are using a private browsing mode tried no luck
*5) Member ID Scout ID: 137091717 - Current Far East Council Troop 203 to Transatlantic Troop 324
Member ID Scout ID 137099717 Current Far East Council Pack 203 to Transatlantic Troop 324

  • District is unable to help and just recommended paper which just gave my cub scout a new member ID scout (14273515). I want to still execute the transfer.

Well they are going to get a new number no matter what @EriksonMcCleary - every council has their own. You might not be set up as the parent in the membership database. Council can solve that as long as the bsa#s for the scout and parent are in their council. Most important thing is keeping the name and DOB the same for the scout so it all matches up for smoothest transition

Your former council can solve this by setting the parent relationship.

The problem is I have already been transferred to the new council. Any advice?

have you put BSA #s in Management? log into > click Menu top left > Click Manage Member ID > one of the BSA # will be there marked PRIMARY > then add the other MID (BSA #) - you want to make the one that is your FEC as primary - then you are signed in as a FEC member and it will work

So I went in to manage member ID and it has me still in the Far East Council 803, I really thought I transferred myself. Should I be able to got back to Far East Council to link my kids to me for me to transfer them.

Well you have to manually add the new MID if you want it on the same log in

Thank you, I will go back to my old council and then hopefully be able to transfer them. I will let you know.

You’re already registered in your new council. So, there’s nothing for your old council to do.

I updated your membership we number on your accounts.

Your scout also has two scoutbook accounts, but with different dates of birth. If you provide your scout’s correct birth month (nothing else), I think we may be able to merge them in a way that would keep that.

My ID is (removed)

C’s ID is (removed) DOB XXXXXXXX
E’s ID is (removed) DOB XXXXXXXX was originally put in with wrong date of XXXXXXXX and I never caught in. With my daughter district did paper to transfer and created second ID and account for her as you pointed out.

Anything else you need me to do to get them transferred. Trying to get them with one scout each transferred over to Germany.

E’s Transfer had already been completed. You just had some duplicate accounts that made it hard for you to see them. Those are your old MIDs. Everyone gets a new one when you transfer councils.

C does not have a registration in TAC. Should he? If so, you’ll need to change you primary mid back to the FEC one and then submit a transfer app via beascout.

I merged two accounts for E and correct Ted the DOB.

Jacob, I went back and transferred myself back to FEC and went into beascout to do the transfer.

I got the same error:

Our apologies, but we are experiencing an error on our end. Please contact your local council to report it.Error: invalid phone information

Any advice?

So I figured it out and was able to transfer my son, I just had to put a phone number in my. Scouting

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OK. You should be able to change your primary member ID back to TAC, now. Once your son’s registration is approved and processed, you’ll see him in his new unit in scoutbook with all of his history. If not, let us know.

I went back into Scout book can’t see my kids and in in a PR council. My.scouting has me in TAC but only shows my daughter. Any ideas?