Issues with my.Scouting account #2

Dear BSA my.Scouting,

We had a family move to our Troop from West Virginia and both the father as well as the son are having issues with their my.Scouting account.

Can you help us to resolve?

  1. Son. BSA # 137460748 (new Council = French Creek Council; old Council = Buckskin Council)

  2. Father. BSA # 137460749 (new Council = French Creek Council; old Council = Buckskin Council)

The error message we get when adding them to an

My.scouting account not found

does not have a my.scouting account associated with Member ID 137460748.

Please ask the guardian of ### to visit and create an account.

Thanks for the help!

I made a change, try again

Have they completed an application to join your unit? Or is that what they are attempting to do?

The son has transferred to our unit and his paperwork is complete.

We’re heading to Bechtel and he keeps receiving an error message.

The father’s paperwork is also transferring, but he already has a my.Scouting account - we receive the same error when trying to add him to the roster.

Thank you,

Thank you William, I will ask him to try again.


If the issue has to do with a program to register him for Bechtel, please contact the camp or your council for assistance. It may not be a Scoutbook issue (we support Scoutbook and IA)

@ChristopherSpriegel are you using the events.scouting platform?


Yes, but it is telling him to provide his my.scouting ID.

I’ll ask him to try it again.

We appreciate the help!

Yes, the error is showing on the events.scouting roster page.


You need to talk to Council or Summit on this so they can turn in a ticket nationally

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Thanks Donovan, I’ll let the parent know.

I appreciate the feedback!


This scout needs to go to and create an account using his legal name (to match his registration). It will ask them for their member ID. Make sure he enters his member number.

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