my.Scouting ID vs Scoutbook Member ID mismatch

We are trying to register an Adult Volunteer for summer camp at Bechtel, but are receiving error messages on his my.Scouting account that we can’t resolve.

my.Scouting lists his Member ID as: 128133168

ScoutBook lists his Member ID as: 129774763

Our Troop Charter lists his BSA Member ID as: 129774763

We are part of the French Creek Council, Oliver Perry District, Troop 146.

When he tries to update - Manage Member ID in the my.Scouting menu, it gives him this error:

“The provided Member ID does not match the existing user profile”.

Any help to resolve would be greatly appreciated!


If you look at the names and dates of birth associated with each of the two BSA IDs, do they match? If not, that’s probably why they won’t link up using manage member ID. You might need your registrar to correct the mismatched information so they can be linked.

Some of the folks from SUAC might have visibility, but I think if it’s one of those, you may need the registrar to actually make the correction.

@ChristopherSpriegel This should be fixed now. BSA member number 129774763 is the number that he should be using.

Thank you @JenniferOlinger !!! We appreciate the help!