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Resolving Duplicate BSA IDs

I know this general question has been asked and answered many times, and I just spent an hour reviewing old threads looking for ideas. I did not find anything that seemed to match what we are seeing.

We have a parent with multiple BSA IDs (because our MB registration process does a horrible job of syncing with our Troop registration process). Four months ago we resolved this by letting our registrar know and she would fix it. We no longer have a registrar. I’ve tried email our DE, but haven’t gotten a response in over a month.

We tried the ‘self-help’ fix of going into my.scouting. org, Mange Member ID and got an error: “The provided Member ID does not match the existing user profile.” Which seems kind of intuitively obvious, because we’re trying to add an additional Member ID to the user profile. But the addition didn’t “take.”

What is our next step? Any suggestions?

I just sent you a private message for more information.

Same problem. I ended up with two member IDs. The wrong one (stuck with old pack) is currently attached to the my.scouting account. When I try to add my other member ID, I get the error message “The provided Member ID does not match the existing user profile.” I’ve talked to my council POC and they haven’t been able to solve it yet. Please help.

@MasonKehs What is the name of your current council?

Mid America Council. I believe the council rep put in a ticket with national, but it seems like there’s a problem because one of the member IDs is stuck being attached to an old pack. My my.scouting.org account is currently linked to member ID 13118667 from “Aloha Council, BSA 104”. That’s from the old pack I don’t belong to anymore. My scoutbook account is also linked to that member ID.

My other member ID is 133407979 for the Mid-America Council, which is where I’m currently a member. So I want to get my Scoutbook and my.scouting account attached to that member ID, but the “manage member IDs” page doesn’t work when I try to add that ID number.