James M. Stewart Good Citizenship Award

My son was working on it, and it disappeared from Scoutbook without notice.

I think it happened on Jan 1.


@ClaudeAnello - i dont recall ever seeing that in scoutbook nor on the BSA Award Central site

That is an award from that museum, it is not a BSA Award and has never been in any of the BSA Databases, some councils will make a note on a Scout account if earned

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It was absolutely in Scoutbook in December. 100% positive.

@ClaudeAnello - as it is not BSA award that seems unlikely

No point in arguing. I have no reason to lie. It was there. The NPS award isn’t BSA, but it’s in Scoutbook.

For what it’s worth, I never asked if anyone thinks I imagined it, only if anyone has an idea why it was removed without notice.

@ClaudeAnello - van you provide the link where you were seeing this award along withe th NPS award ? Also, had any requirements for the James Stewart award been marked off as done, then perhaps the unit admin can run an audit report and see if that is there.

The NPS Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger award is in Scoutbook, because it is in the Scouts BSA Requirements Book. It is also listed on the BSA’s Conservation Awards and Recognitions page.

We have asked the developers about the James M. Stewart Good Citizenship Award.


Sure. Here it is.


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