Registration / transfer issue

I have a scout - SB User ID: 6478941 BSA Member ID: 12829906 who was transferred into our troop from a pack. His father was the den leader and is now an ASM. It says his membership is not approved. We reached out to the council registrar and they said it was a scoutbook issue. Can you help? Thank you!

I’ve read elsewhere that the pack should try to push the record across?

@GoodloeWhite The Scout is still registered with the pack.

He needs to be transferred to the troop. It’s not a Scoutbook issue - it’s a registration issue.

@GoodloeWhite The parent is still registered as a Den Leader with the pack.

MYST Transfer tool.pdf (222.1 KB)
MYST Transfer in tool Unit.pdf (94.8 KB)
MYST Transfer tool Unit.pdf (191.2 KB)

@GoodloeWhite here are 3 sheets on transferring a Scout - one is parent transfer, one is transfer from a sending unit, one is transfer to a receiving unit


Thank you for this. We used the troop transfer tool at my.scouting. We will try the other ones.

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