Key Three Missing Roster and Rechartering Link


I’m part of the key 3 for our troop and today I’m missing the ability to see the roster and rechartering link? Has something changed? BSA#123186289

Thank You!

Is your unit / council in “rechartering time”? That is, when does your charter expire? If it is 12/31, I don’t believe the links are “turned on” yet.

Our recharter is due in the next couple days. I was almost done and now the link is missing in Internet Advancement. I’m unable to select the organization as well.

In that case, I suspect this may be related to the API issues that @DonovanMcNeil mentioned in another thread. Of course, that’s guesswork on my part, but it seems reasonable since BSA just rolled out a new api update (if I understood correctly),


So a API went out that referenced Boy Scouts instead of Scouts BSA and it is causing confusion - they are working on it


Thank You! Hopefully we can have the API working soon :slight_smile: