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Training Glossary?

I did not find any training terminology or list of acronyms in the Language of Scouting (LoS) or in the Guide to Leader Training (GLT).

Is there a list of acronyms for training programs? Is a list of terms for the Training Manager tool needed?

What is a “course” ?

There is confusion because the term “course” has more than one meaning in Scouting.

Online training course (SCO)

In the online training system the “course” is a “SCO” module. This not the same as how training terms are used in the Guide to Leader Training (GLT), 2018.

The BSA Learn Center catalog,, has

  • Programs
    • Learning Plans
      • Courses

To avoid requiring a course (SCO) to be repeated for another training (program) the course (SCO) record needs to be included in the training database.

P.S. In the new system the title of the training (not course code) is the primary identification. I have observed that if a course (SCO) is revised the SCO code may be changed.

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