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Making sense of the missing courses in Trained Leader Reports

When we run the Trained Leader Report, we are presented with a multitude of SCO_XXX codes for a myriad of courses The codes give no indication of what the course actually is and searching for the SCO codes on training.scouting.org returns no results.

Surely there is a simple and meaningful way to map the SCO codes from the Trained Leader Report to the actual course name or description so leaders can easily find and complete training on training.scouting.org, right?

How can I communicate to leaders the classes whey need to complete when the report gives me SCO codes I can’t look up anywhere?

I’m not what unit type you are affiliated with, but this should help:

BSA Position Trained Leader Requirements

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Is there process to create a requirement or volunteer services to correct this error in one or both places?

In 2020, it’s not reasonable to expect non-technical people to take an ambiguous SCO code from one site, cross reference to a PDF from another site, and then try to find the course on a different site with an inexact search.

This really could be as simple as adding the SCO code to the title of the courses on the training site.

How can I help fix this ongoing problem?

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@RickHillenbrand Is this something you can help with?

I share the frustration of the way the training information is being presented, and how you need a Rosetta Stone to decode what is going on. I have shared this frustration with BSA IT as recently as yesterday (coincidentally).

IMHO this will become a greater issue when BSA IT retires Training Validation for good. (It’s being retired due to PII and security reasons… plus it runs on the old database.) It will be replaced with new functions and reports in Training Manager such as Quick Search.

As noted and provided by @JenniferOlinger there is a document (also found in Training Manager by clicking the View Position Requirements link in the Trained Leaders chart box) that provides a summary of requirements for all positions with both course codes and titles. (This document only lists current courses, and does not list legacy courses that also meet the position training requirements.)

In the mean time, if you go into Training Manager, click on the Add/Search tab, then go to the “Search Training”

you can then click the ‘Download Training Report’ for one or more individuals. (Not ‘View Training’) The downloaded report entitled ‘Position Training Requirements Report’ (note the name) will provide a list of what training needs to be taken to be considered trained for the position along with course codes, course names (description), and completion dates. If there is no completion date, the course still needs to be taken. In the example I am providing the individual has neither taken the in-person C42 option or completed the SCO_xxx alternatives.

PS - I was just informed (but haven’t tested) that an enhancement to MyTraining section of the mobile app now includes a Requirements tab.

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Rick, thanks for the detailed assistance.

While getting to the page you suggested, I accidentally tripped across this one:

This actually shows exactly what we need, SCO number and course title outstanding for whoever is logged in and they can click through to the course from there…

The problem I guess is using the ‘catalog’ or ‘learn center’ is that is confusing because they don’t reference the SCO code anywhere and finding this title requires some luck.

As far as the app, I checked that for updates but there were none. It shows past completions and YPT status but that’s it.


@RobertHodges Please check your MyScouting app. My installed Android version is 6.1.13 build 732 . From the HOME Screen I selected MyTRAINING, then the REQUIREMENTS tab. The displayed info looks almost exactly like that in the web version link you provided.

@RickHillenbrand you are absolutely right. I was looking in the Scouting app instead of the MyScouting app. It’s there there in the current version on IOS as well.

Thanks again for the help.

6.1.12 was published for iOS 2 weeks ago.

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It is interesting that the pesky, non-functional “Add Announcement” and “Scouting Calendar” don’t show up in your screen shot. It would be nice to get rid of those to stop confusion. If they will eventually tie into Scoutbook, then hide them for the time being. In the mean time, they sow confusion.

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