Leader Approval Not Working for 1 Scout

I have one Scout we are unable to mark as leader approved. The checkbox does not display in his completion box. See image below. Because of this, we are unable to approve his achievement to be ordered and awarded. Every other Scout works fine. This Scout was a transfer to our Pack. We have expired his account and reactivated it, but that has not resolved the issue. Both the CM & DL are having the same issue and we have full permissions on his Scoutbook account.


@BradWilkinson first try going to the scouts membership and making sure it is approved > if it is not approve it > If it is approved then unapprove it and save > then reapprove it and save - did that fix it?

That did not fix it.

hmmmm - post the BSA number of the Scout (no name) and we can take a look

136543067 (extra characters as required)

@‘name’ is the work around for extra characters @BradWilkinson

OK log out of SB and back in and try @BradWilkinson

Looks like you solved it! Was there anything I could have done on my side?

no - I think the dad made a my.scouting.org account with Scouts name and stole the MID from the Scout - we see it too often

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