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Connections are not broken when Scout transfers or Leader leaves unit . .

I am finding that prior “Connections” to Scouts who transfer into my unit from another Scoutbook Troop or Scoutbook Pack are still connected with every leader who had a prior connection to them in their previous unit. I had been previously told (I think by Scoutbook Support) that unit connections should be broken when a leader leaves a unit, or a scout leaves a unit. In both of these cases, we really need the Connections to be severed.

This is really a problem for two reasons:
(1) The time required to delete a bunch of connections. In my Troop, I had 15 new Scouts crossover and each one had anywhere from five to 12 (yes twelve) connections that I had to manually sever. Obviously this took over two hours to carefully work through. And connections that are NOT in the current unit do not show up on Connection’s Manager for an easy delete.
(2) The second problem should be a bigger concern for BSA given the present issues that BSA is having to address. If former leaders are not being automatically severed, a possible “abuser” could remain connected to a Scout and would not show up on either the unit roster, nor Connections’ Manager.

The fix for this could be to either (1) automatically expire all connections to a Scout from a person who is not a Parent, Merit Badge Counselor or a Leader in the current unit or (2) change Connections Manager so that it shows ALL connections whether in the current unit or not allowing an Admin to quickly sever former Connections.


Was the Scout manually moved to your unit in Scoutbook or was the transfer made by Member Update once thee Scout was on your roster at

Good morning Ed - Scouts were moved via transfer application through Council and appeared on our Roster (not in patrol) following the Council’s data entry.

Thanks Robert. The connections to the old unit should have been broken. I will report this to the developers.

Thanks Ed – I’m also helping other Units and noticed in one unit that a leader(s) who were not re-charted in a Pack and disappeared from the Unit’s Roster still was connected to each Cub Scout. Thought I’d mention it for your report to the developers. Bob


The development team needs the unit number and council to investigate. Please send an e-mail to with the new unit number and if you know it the old unit number. Post the SSD number you receive in an automated reply here.

The receiving unit was Circle Ten Council - Troop 624. The Scout’s former unit(s) were Packs 825. I have manually deleted all the connections so not sure if they can recreate anything. Parent "Bob M’s " connections as shown to Scout Spencer M (now in Troop 624) show connections of Asst. Den Leader, Adult Leader, and Parent. Adult Leader/Asst. Den Leader connections can’t be deleted. He does not show up in our Troop Leader Roster and is not registered as a leader with our Troop.

The Pack that had former Leaders still attached that I assisted was Pack 1020 which had several Leaders that still had connections to Scouts even though they did not re-charter as a Leader.

These connections are being found one at a time as the former leaders do not show up on the current leader roster (Troop 624). It would be helpful if Scoutbook wrote a utility sweep that severered ALL Scoutbook connections except for currently registered leaders, merit badge counselors, parents, and “other family members.”


Actually found the problem with Scouts from Packs 825, 358, and 704 all. Bob


Thanks, I’ll pass on the information.

I have the same issue with my Pack. I have a leader who left our Pack two years ago yet is still connected to every boy who was a member at that time. And all of the boys who crossed over to the Troop in February are still listed as connections to the leaders in our Pack. The boys were moved via the transfer application through the Council to the best of my knowledge (we as the Pack did not remove them).


We need your council and pack number to have the developers investigate.

Since you are still connected to the Scouts, go to one of their membership pages, click on your closed pack entry and check the notes. If the Scout was moved by Member Update there will be a note about Akela Sync. If there is no note the Scout was manually moved and connections do not break.

The notes section is blank so I’m guessing this means the Troop manually moved him?

This then leads me to a different issue

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