Leader in Scoutbook AND IA Roster... but cant get them linked

SB ID: 11817661
BSA Member ID: 13804094

Is there someone that can relink these accounts?
She’s in our SB Roster
She’s in our IA Pack Roster
But they’re not showing her linked.
Aside - she is also NOT showing in our Recharter list of members… is this a related problem, or a secondary issue?

Any assistance would be welcome.
(including - if you could tell me how to solve it myself… willing to learn)

Jim Wine
Pack 107 Committee Chair - NCAC

@JamesWine When I search for this person based on BSA member number, name, and e-mail address, the only registration I can find is as a Tiger Adult Partner (expired). However, Lion / Tiger Adult Partners are not considered adult leaders by be the BSA (YPT not required, no criminal background check, not approved by COR, etc.). As far as I can tell, she has never been registered as an adult leader.


@JamesWine As Committee Chair, you should be able to see your pack’s official Roster at my.scouting.