Leader on my.scouting roster, but not IA Roster or Recharter "Roster"

I have a leader ( BSA Member ID: 14143416 & SB User ID:12346851) that shows up on our Pack’s my.scouting.org roster and Scoutbook, holds a functional role in position manager, but does NOT show up on the roster in Internet Advancement and does NOT show up in the Recharter list in IA (either under Pack Roster or Removed Members) She will be continuing in her leader role, so I need to get her onto recharter list.

Have you hit refresh roster on the recharter screen?

Not a sure fix, but it should be tried.

Yes, I have refreshed the recharter roster. It does not bring her in, nor does it bring her into the IA roster.


@JoshSteinhurst I would recommend talking to your council Registrar. This adult has the functional role of Unit Advancement Chair, but that is not a registered position.

Thank you, I will investigate how that application did not go through as expected. Interesting to know that people can have functional roles without being registered leaders!

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They aren’t supposed to, and I could not even tell you how it’s possible.