Leader listed twice in connections manager

Two of my leaders are listed once on the roster page, but twice in connections manager. The same thing is happening for both of them. (To make this easier to explain, we’ll call one John Smith.) John Smith’s first listing allows me to give him editing advancement permission. His second listing only allows me to give him viewing advancement permission even though I allow him editing advancement permission. When he goes on scoutbook he is only allowed to view not edit advancement.

How do I fix this issue?

It sounds like your two leaders each have more than one BSA ID, and/or more than one Scoutbook account. Can you post the BSA IDs and the corresponding Scoutbook IDs (no names), please? That might allow SUAC to better research the issue.

The Scoutbook ID is listed right next to the BSA ID in the individual’s profile.

The problem is they are not listed twice on the roster only in connections manager.
So there isn’t a double number for them.

It still sounds like there are two different accounts, since you’re getting different behavior, and the leader is seeing the more restrictive condition. Are the adults also parents of current or former scouts?

Yeah sounds like a leader account and an old parent account - post the BSA # and we can take a look

I only have one right now for each of them on the roster and don’t have access to the second. I emailed them both re verification of their scouting ID’s… . Should I post them privately? They are both parents and asst scoumasters/ leaders.of current scouts…
Stay tuned…

@LaraServenti Just BSA # is fine to post here - the # is all we need

@LaraServenti If you can post first and last initials, we might be able to find them.

The initials of the two leaders are TS and RP.
I’m happy to work with you offline to resolve. Been trying to get part of this resolved for months. Happy to have response.

@LaraServenti I sent you a private message.

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