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I have a leader that see’s his son’s profile, instead of his, when he logs in. On my end his ID in my.scouting and Scoutbook match and are different than either of his sons. Council can’t seem to fix it.

Scoutbook ID:11589906
BSA ID:13681745

If you post the BSA ID (no names needed), the folks from SUAC may be able to help diagnose the issue.

ETA: Even better if you can also post the Scoutbook User ID that you see for the parent/leader.

Edited original post to include both ID’s. Thank you

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@KeithKnight I do not see any current log ins for the user - and it is a unique enough name I do not see any other duplicate users. Watch them log in sometime and look at it - you can go with them to My Account and look at numbers there

Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 12.03.41 PM

I’ll get him to log in tonight at the leader meeting. Thank you

@KeithKnight It looks like the parent/leader has 2 my.scouting user names associated with his e-mail address:

Google log in (looks like spouse’s Gmail address as the Google name)

The first user name is associated with the leader’s son’s name (E.).

I think he is logging into advancements.scouting.org (Internet Advancement) not Scoutbook - and I bet he his toggled to the parent account not the Den Leader one

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