Leader no longer shows as trained

One of our leaders used to show as trained, now she doesn’t. I am trying to track down the training requirements for 2019-Mar-07.

Her YPT was done and she completed 14 modules for ASM on 2019-11-09. This is 4 modules short for the requirements implemented in 2019-01 (dated 2018-12-28). However, there was an update 2019-Mar-07 which reduced the number of modules required. And the requirements were revised 2021-Sep with new modules.

I believe the BSA training system is incorrectly showing her as not trained, but I need to find the 2019-Mar-07 requirements to confirm this.

Does anyone have a copy they can share?

Are you saying she didn’t fully complete the requirements prior to the change? If that is true, she has to start from the current requirements. You only get “grandfathered” if you complete all in a given “era”.

Post her BSA Member ID (no names) and we can try to figure out what is happening.

Where did she previously show as trained and where doesn’t she now?

@Matt.Johnson I am trying to determine if she met the requirements at the time she did the training. She did training before the 2021 revision, so the 2019-Mar-07 reduction is the applicable standard, but I can’t find a copy.

@edavignon Her BSA MID is 12778825.

@jacobfetzer I am new to the troop and have not seen any reports that show her as trained. However, four different folks have said she used to show as trained, but does not now. I am looking in District Training Manager at the current time.

The problem boils down to what was the training standard on 2019-11-09, and I can’t find it.

@DougWright looking at it first guess is she is not trained cause she does not have Hazard Weather

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I don’t follow where you said she was 4 modules short.

My past experience on Hazardous Weather is you get a “blue” yes vs “green” yes on the report for the unit.

My personal observation is that Doug as training chair is most often spot on

@DonovanMcNeil The training reporting does not disqualify someone as trained when their SCO_800 Hazardous Weather expires. It should, but it doesn’t. Of the three direct contact leaders showing trained in T188G, two are current on HW and one is expired.

@Matt.Johnson She is short four modules for the 2018-12-28 standard. However, the revised standard of 2019-Mar-07 reduced the number of modules required without the modules being revised.

@Stephen_Hornak Thank you for the kind words. :slight_smile:

They turn a blue yes. Very subtle.