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Leader still showing attached to scout that is no longer in den

Last year out Committee chair moved up to Boyscouts. He is not showing under the pack roster but when I add an advancement to a scouts record he comes up as someone who can see the notes

I know the Admins can see all this but not sure why he is still listed. How can i remove him or is this a help desk item?

He is also not listed in the Pack Connection Manager.

If the connection is no longer needed, you can go to the [Scout]'s Connections page and delete the connection.

Ok but will i have to do that individually for every scout or is there a way to some how get rid of it all at once?

Does scoutbook reset all the connections after recharter?


I suggest you temporarily add him back to the pack as a leader (not admin). Then go to Roster -> Connections Manager, click on his name and clear the check boxes. This will remove his connection to all Scouts in the pack. After this, put an end date on his leadership in the pack.

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Ok tried that and it worked for some advancements but not others It seems like the one of his profiles that is still pending is the one that is stuck But i can;t see the pending one on any roster…

is there a way to see old leaders?

It seems like he is stuck in there. Its pending for a year… I can post screen shots if it makes it easier

What do you mean it worked for some advancements but not others?

There is no way to see former leaders of a unit in Scoutbook. You would have to look at each Scout’s connections to see who is connected and why.

Well for Xavier Joe is still connected for Duncann he is not. So for Xavier it did not work removing him but for Duncann it did…


Go to Xavier’s connection page and look to see how Joe is connected. If he is connected as a parent/guardian, only Joe can remove the connection.

He shows as an adult leader

Is Xavier in another unit where Joe is a unit admin? Check Xavier’s membership page.

Nope and neither are the other kids… Joe just moved to BSA Troop

@DavidLafko if you want I can setup a screenshare to take a look

Yes that would be fine. My email is David@

@DavidLafko I did email you

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