Leader Transfer- Not Showing Available Positions

Trying to accept a leader transfer from another unit. When I click “Accept”, it only lists a number as an available position option (no actual positions are shown or able to be selected) and I’m unable to proceed past this popup (please see screenshot)

1) Hardware: Desktop or Mobile (if mobile, please be specific)- Mobile & Laptop
2) Operating system - iOS
3) Browser- Safari & Chrome
4) Browser cache has been cleared or you are using a private browsing mode (aka Incognito Window in Chrome) - yes
5) Member ID & Council of person affected- 135748760

@JennyGoguen - what doex the drop down do to the extreme righf of the number?

Nothing- it shows “No Data”

@JennyGoguen - i would suggest talking to your council. Our council dies not allow adult online apps or transfers

Hi Jenny @JennyGoguen,

The Chartered Organization Representative (COR) approves adult applications. If you are the unit COR, or COR delegate, then this is a problem.

If not the COR, then please contact them and let them know what position the applicant should be assigned.

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I’m the COR delegate and have no issue approving other leaders. This one is just being spicy.

@JennyGoguen This user had some missing information at my.Scouting. I was able to sync it.

Please try again. (You might need to log out at my.Scouting and then log back in again.)

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Thank you so much for your help. Still has the same issue. Could it be a sync delay?

Possibly, but the sync is usually pretty fast.

If you are still having issues tomorrow, then I would recommend contacting your local council.

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I figured it out. Apparently her only registered role was as a merit badge counselor with our District. She thought she was transferring as an SM but that Troop didn’t recharter her and I didn’t catch the transfer role being MBC.

I’m assuming me not being able to select a new role for her is a safeguard- confusing but, now that I know, I would rule it as effective. :crazy_face:


It is the system’s fault for poor wording / error codes.

Well MBC is a hanging Free registration - so system did not know what to do I imagine

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