Leader Turned Into Scout After Advancing the Den


I have a den leader who turned into a scout member of the den after we advanced the den. All of his previous Den Leader experience has been removed.
BSA ID: 110294675
SB UID: 3963824

If someone could assist, I would greatly appreciate it.

@AndrewDykes - what was your process for advancing the den ?

Clicked on the den. Clicked “Edit Den”. Clicked “Advance Den”

@AndrewDykes odd - i fixed it and set a sync to get position back


System does not like parents/Scouts same name sometimes

Awesome. Thank you. He should show up back in the leadership role after the sync processes tomorrow?

After 4pm today or you can just search for him and add him yourself

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I am a little nervous about advancing my packs dens; especially after seeing this post and a few others. Can anyone validate if there is a date at all that Scoutbook auto advances dens? I’ve seen posts saying June 15th, I’ve seen postsing the 17th, etc … Does such a date exist period?

My pack started our summer programming on Wednesday night and we’re (pack leadership) administratively in a holding pattern trying to make sure we don’t do something that an automated process is going to blow up.

Scoutbook does not automatically advance dens at all because different units have different schedules.

Note that I can’t speak to DLE on this issue.

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Maybe the computer knows something about how he’s been acting. Is he a good bit shorter?

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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