Leader unable to log into account

I have a leader who is unable to log into her account. She has been able to in the past. When she tried “forgot password” it said her information wasn’t in the system. She is listed on the roster in both myscouting and scoutbook. Her BSA number is 14470845. Thank you

@RebeccaGolueke ok does her email have a c or an l in the middle? probably need to talk to council on this one for them to send in a national ticket


Her username is her e-mail address except with an l insetead of a c as the 4th character. She should be able to log in to my.scouting.org using this “bad” username then change it in my.scouting.org.


She will still need to contact the Council to change her username unless she wants to switch to Google or Apple Login. We discovered users cannot change their BSA username.

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