Leadership positions for previous patrol assignment

We are in the process of migrating our scouts from another platform. The issue is, when I am selecting a position such as “Patrol Leader”, I only have the option of the current patrol that the scout is in. If I use the “Show Previous Memberships” and select the point in time of the correct patrol, I still only get the option of the current patrol.

For example:
John Doe was a member of the Hawks
John Doe was a the Hawks Patrol Leader from 1/1/2020-12/31/2020
John Doe was moved to the Junior Leaders patrol on 1/1/2021
Today, I try to put the position of the Hawks Patrol Leader for John Doe, but only get the option for Junior Leaders, even with the Membership showing the troop and patrol assigned.

Thank you
John Kramme
BSA ID:126360789

This is a known limitation of the software. It wasn’t set up to log past positions. What I’ve seen done is either:

  • “move” the scouts to relevant prior patrols, assign the positions with start and end dates, then move them to the “current” patrol, or
  • assign all of the roles in the current patrol with the relevant time frames

I know folks have asked in the past about the ability to select patrols for logging past positions, but I think we either got feedback that the developers either did not intend to do this or that it was very low on the priority list. SUAC may be able to update that if plans have changed (and BSA is willing for them to share any changes).

A work around. This is based on how Cub Scout dens work. I believe patrols work the same way.

Each patrol created has its own unique identifier. When a patrol changes names, any previous reference to that patrol will also change names.

Say a scout was patrol leader of xyz patrol named Deer in all 2021. In 2022, he is no longer patrol leader. However, in 2022, patrol xyz changes names to Bear. His record for 2021 will show Bear patrol.

So, if you want the name correct in history, for each name change, create a new patrol and move scouts into it. When all members and POR positions are gone, disapprove the patrol and its gone from the roster. It still remains in history.

Now to your issue. If you want the name correct for past positions, create a patrol with the correct name, put the scout in it, make them patrol leader, edit their position start and end dates, remove the scout from the patrol, and disapprove the patrol.

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