Parent unable to mark advancements

A parent in our pack seems to be properly linked to their Scout. However, they are reporting they cannot mark the advancements for their Scout.

Scout ID: 12879985
Adult ID: 13309029

The adult and Scout share the same first name. It has struck me as possible that the adult is logging into the Scout’s account. They have a long history with Cub Scouts, so that seems unlikely. Would you check the connection and confirm it is correct?

Thank you.

@Scott_Hall Everything is fine - perhaps watch him use it one time

Thanks for the quick feedback. I will follow up directly.

The parent has another BSA member number (12879986) in the same council that he should be using. I have set it as “primary” at my.scouting → Manage Member ID.

Please ask the parent to try again.

I am familiar with how to change primary number. Is the 13309029 in error? That is the number I see as a pack admin in Scoutbook for the parent. If they switch their account to use the 12879986 as primary, will their Scout “disappear” from that point of view?

I had a bit of weirdness when moving councils and just want to confirm.

I have already fixed things for the parent. The parent does not need to do anything.

12879986 is the number that should be used, because it has a DOB and expired Tiger Adult Partner registrations. This number was probably created when the parent turned in the youth application for the Scout when the Scout was a Tiger.

13309029 is a number with no DOB. This number was probably created when the parent was invited to connect to Scoutbook.

These numbers both belong to the same council.

Hi Jennifer, I have a parent in my pack (267) that needs to get linked to his new Lion scout - [name removed by Moderator for privacy]. He is already linked to his other kids. The parent is: [name removed by Moderator for privacy] (pack 267- 136603458). I see that I have the option to resend the invitation, but when I try to do that it says I need to update his e-mail on the profile. When I enter in his e-mail it says that it is already associated with another account. Is there a way to resolve this issue?

@AmandaStewart3 this is fixed I believe

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