Linked Troop events does not allow Scoutmasters to edit attendance


As a scoutmaster in a linked troop I am unable to edit events that are setup for our two linked troops to attend. I can generate an RSVP report but I cannot set attendance information for my portion of the linked troop.

Here is my calendar event: Internet Advancement


For joint calendar events, you need to be able to edit the calendar in both units. Are you listed as a unit admin in the other troop?

I was not originally when the event was created but I am a troop admin on both sides now as of Sunday.



Make sure you are selecting one of the Admin roles in the upper right of your IA window.

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Hi Ed. when I look at my roles in internet advancement on the upper right-hand side it shows that I have two roles on the B side (Scoutmaster and “1 more positions/roles” however on the G side it only shows my Committee Member role even though in Scoutbook I have the Troop Admin role as well. Do we need to do something to sync that up?


I have asked the development team to investigate as everything looks correct from my end.

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