Need help Syncing and merging a Scout in Scoutbook and My.Scouting

I have a scout on our Roster since last June and is not synced with Advancement. He shows up in our Internet Advancement as registered and in Scoutbook. The scouts parents have been recording activities but not showing the red Synced “A” next to the scouts name. I have worked with our council and they have not been able to figure it out other than the scout in My.Scouting has the correct BSA ID # and SB has a different Member ID #. Need help to merge scouts info and keep all the recorded activity and data on both My.Scouting and SB. Also shows a message when I open the scout up that reads: “Scout has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.”

My.Scouting BSA Member ID #: 137270507

Scoutbook BSA Member ID #: 13824311 / ID# 11825176

@HeatherRohn This should be cleaned up now.

Try going to the Scout’s Membership page in Scoutbook. Temporarily unapprove his membership with the troop / patrol, save, and then re-approve his membership.

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