Linking scout to parent’s account

When I link my son’s member id to my account it says he has not completed the YPT certification and courses; however, these have been completed in my account that I’m trying to connect. How can I get my son’s account linked to mine?

@LehlaDannenmaier - how are doing this and what url

@Stephen_Hornak I don’t understand your question.

Where are you going to Connect Accounts? you can only do it at > My connections > top of page the Parent Red Text


That’s to connect your extra BSA ID’s to your account (e.g. my youth BSA ID from another council to my current adult scouter account), not to connect a scout to your account.

That only has to do with your own Member IDs it has nothing to do with your Scout @LehlaDannenmaier

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I’m going to send you a private message. Watch for the indicator on the L in the upper right corner.

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