List of scouts who I cannot access

Because of the pandemic response and shifting vacation times, I wound up being the leader at summer camp. I knew they provided internet in the leader’s area so I thought to myself, “Oh, yay! I can help everyone stay on top of things and log progress.”
Unfortunately, I was not linked to every scout. I could not open records for the 1st and 2nd year scouts. Not being able to manage all equally via digital means, I tracked everything via paper.
Upon my return, I touched base with the ASM who manages our SB, and he said if I sent the names he could correct the roster. Evidently even he has a hard time knowing who can see whose stuff.

Is there a way I can generate a report that shows the advancement records to which I have limited access?

If you are not connected to a scout or not connected with Advancement privilege - the report would not show the scout - I would suggest admin looking at Connection manager

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That’s where I would start. Or, you can look at your own connections to see a list of the Scouts you’re connected to, and compare that to the unit roster. I think which one is easier depends on how big your unit is…

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil and @SteveCagigas. I’ll make the list. (We’re small enough that I think I can do it via cut-and paste of the greyed names on my roster.) Then, in case I missed anyone, I’ll ask the admin to double-check the Connection manager.

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