Log in/web page troubles with internet advancement

I am having trouble getting on to the internet advancement page. When I try to log into I get a "error not found: and if I try to go though scoutbook the page is not found and I get a 404 error. I have cleared my cache and cookies, after I do that I can get to the log in page but again I get the “error not found”. Can anyone help me with this. Side note, I can log in on my work computer.

@DavidColeman1 - looks like a local issue. on that device does the bellow url work


No it does not. Not sure what is going on to prevent the site from working. I am still working on looking into why.

@DavidColeman1 - could you try the url using incognito mode ? Additionally, can you ping the url

I tried opening it in the incognito window and it works. Would you have an idea why it works there but not in a regular window?

@DavidColeman1 - that works because it strips away any toolbars and addins that are running in the browser.

I thought it was because cookies and other cruft left over from previous sessions of using the website, but weren’t managed properly, don’t interfere.

It can be a bit of both, depending on your settings. In some cases, for managed browsers, you may not be able to disable certain plugins or even clear the cache.

@Matt.Johnson - as Charlie noted it is a mix. Since a number of addins use identified users and cookies the incognito window is a temporary session devoid of user context.

Yeah, but what other websites require this? Once is a great while I have to allow a pop up or turn off my ad blocker. Rarely. Why does Scoutbook, IA, and training require special handling?

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Yeah, that still hasn’t had a really satisfactory explanation. I get that there could be some sort of transient incompatibility, but it’s not clear why there seems to be a significant resistance/obstacle to being platform/browser agnostic, at least for the 4 browsers that are in most common usage (Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari). This harkens back to the bad old days of websites that were only compatible with IE. I get not being compatible with (for example) Opera or Konqeuror, given their comparatively miniscule market shares, assuming that there is a browser-specific problem for them. However, designing a webpage in the current world that requires one of two browsers to work seems like the result of poor design choices.

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I will, note that I have never had to run incognito or had any issues noted by other users. Al,like of my browsers are plain as installed no addins with the exception of the feature assistant in chrome. But edge, Firefox opera and sea monkey run as installed

I had the same issue. Using incognito mode didn’t solve the problem, neither did clearing caches, cookies etc.
Anti-virus software was causing the problem. I had to shut off the anti-virus software, log into Internet Advancement 2.0 and then restart the anti-virus software. I was able to accomplish everything I needed to afterwards.

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