"Log in with Google" = Email address missing on parent Scoutbook profile

Had a parent create a Scoutbook account (not from an invitation email). I was able to go into Connection Manager for their two scouts and link them to those scouts. However, Scoutbook complained that there was no email address on file for the parent account. I looked at the parent’s profile and – sure enough – no email address. This parent uses the “Log In with Google” method, which seems to be the key differentiator. They report that when they try to edit their profile in Scoutbook, they’re prompted to enter a password (which they don’t have since… they’re using Log In with Google).

What’s the right way for this parent to add an email address to their Scoutbook account?

The parent should be able to log in, go to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → E-Mail and set their address.

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