Not Getting Password Reset Email

I’ve been trying to help a parent access Scoutbook we are hitting roadblocks. I searched and couldn’t find anything helpful in the scouting forums other than “report to IT.”

We’ve tried:
Using her registered email for “reset password”
Using her Scoutbook User ID (which I can see on the profile screen, not the BSA ID but the scoutbook one.)
Using her name as a possible user name
Using her MyScouting login credentials

We can’t see her birthday on her profile to verify that it matches (for password reset)

Doing the exact same thing as above on her Scout’s account WITH verifying the birthday. (no successful password reset!)

Trying all of the password reset options on my Scoutbook account (no successful password reset!!)

One time out of all of our attempts, Scoutbook did send her a password reset link. But, when we got that email, we ended up with the token issue noted here:

So, without the password reset, any ideas how to access their accounts?

I found this thread:

But the form we are seeing doesn’t ask for any of this info!

Please post the parent’s BSA member number or Scoutbook userID (no names, please).

The parent’s # is 13206365.

It seems we are also having problems with their Scout 135565995 showing up in the Troop roster but not showing up in the “send messages” list.

Scouts will only appear after the scout’s parent has successfully invited them to connect to the scout’s Scoutbook account. This is different from the scout having a Scoutbook account, which is a function of being registered.

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this scout has an email but has never logged in - If I recall right they have to log in once to appear

OK, should I send them another invite?

are they trying to use kk"lastname"

Yes, we have tried that email and a couple other iterations of name.

OK how that user’s password is setup - your council can reset it for you - I cannot

OK thanks, I will contact them. Once we have that sorted out should I send another invite to the Scout so he can log in?

You cannot invite the scout. Only the parent can.


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